Replacing my Custom Rear Case for the Ender 3

Published 2021/06/18 by Jordan Hay

I've designed another rear case for my Ender 3.

Figure 1 - Render in Fusion 360 of the new rear case.

Why? Predominantly because the position of the control board fan wasn't ideal. Its position and lack of protection left it exposed to the possibility of parts of 3D print falling in as well as cables in the control box getting tangled in the blades. While neither of these things ever occurred the likely hood of them occurring was enough to provoke me into designing a new control board box (Figure 1) (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - The new control box installed at the rear of my printer.

There are a few notable changes from the previous revision. The fan has been moved from on top of the control box to the front of the printer via a duct running through the slot intended for the screen cable (Figure 3). The box can now be mounted quite securely onto the aluminium extrusions with M4 bolts in convenient places, this is helped by some rails on the side that guide the box in through the aluminium extrusions.

Figure 3 - Fan duct.

It is worth noting that this case is not compatible with the screen cable going by its intended path. This design choice is because my screen is broken and was hardly used in favour of Octoprint anyway. Having the fan at the front puts the fan in a safer position while still offering cooling to the parts that need it.

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