jmath: Developing my own Mathematics Tools

Published 2021/07/07 by Jordan Hay

jmath is a set of mathematical tools I have developed in order to understand the maths behind them (and some computer science concepts) a little bit better. jmath has been developed as a package for Python and can be installed in used in the same way as any Python package such as matplotlib.

At the time of publishing jmath is capable of the following:

  • Simple Vector Maths (jmath.linearalgebra)
  • Calculations with uncertainties (jmath.uncertainties)
  • Some limited discrete graph application (jmath.discrete)

The following are still in development and are largely considered:

  • Further maths involving graphs (jmath.discrete)
  • Circuits based upon discrete graphs (jmath.physics.circuits)
  • Mechanical simulations (jmath.physics.mechanics)
  • Fractions/rational maths (jmath.fractions)
  • Lines and planes based on vector maths (jmath.linearalgebra)

These are subject to change and up to date information can be found on Github.

jmath is published on Github and Python Package Index (meaning it can be installed with pip), however I only intend for it to be a personal project for the time being. Documentation can be found at

Update (03/11/2021): Added documentation link.

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